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John Welsh Trades Review

John is a man with over 10 years of
experience in the stock market, he also has a phenomenal track record turning
25k into $4 million in profit; so for me, paying $150 to get a peek into his
mind was a no-brainer. That’s less than the cost of a monthly subscription to
most chat-rooms, and even better, it can give you the guidelines to be

        What to Expect

This DVD provides 3 hours of rich
content, he really packs in the information, no fluff. This week he has also
added another chapter called “Trading and Slaughtering Pigs” which
has another 70 minutes of valuable content.

Below are the chapters to give you
an idea of what you will be learning. I mainly bought the DVD to learn more on
trading biotech stocks, and I got that and much more.

    1. Performance,
Introduction, Who & What

    2. Detailed
Trading Rules & Guidelines

    3. Technical Time

    4. Trading
Strategies & Set Up Ideas

    5. Brokers I Use
& Why, The Short & Long Story

    6. Taking Loss
& Changing Time Frame Point of view

    7. Money

    8. Margin&
amp; Position Sizing

    9. Identifying
Trading Ideas Using Tools, Twitter & Research

    10. ETF Trading

    11. Biotech
Trading & What To Look For (5 minute overview)

    12. Tracking
& Keeping A Record Of Trades & Office Setup

    14. About

I believe that starting this week he
plans on raising the price to $200 because of the new content he recently
added, I provided a link to his site below.

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