Thursday , 27 April 2017
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Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes by Brian Shannon
A great introduction into technical analyses, provides useful information for developing traders and can be a refreshing reminder for veterans.

Reminiscences of a Stock Operator by Edwin Lefèvre
Hands down a must read, this book is chock-full of market wisdom.

“If a stock doesn’t act right don’t touch it; because, being unable to tell precisely what is wrong, you cannot tell which way it is going. No prognosis, no profit”

Trading in the Zone: Master the Market with Confidence, Discipline and a Winning Attitude by Mark Douglas
This is one of my favorite books on market psychology, it provides great insight on how to alter your mindset to that of a successful trader.

“So what’s the solution? You will need to learn how to adjust your attitudes and beliefs about trading in such a way that you can trade without the slightest bit of fear…”

Market Wizards, Updated: Interviews With Top Traders by Jack D. Schwager
I found this book highly inspirational, it has many amazing interviews with some of the top traders.

“Focus on protecting what you have, then focus on expanding.”

The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss
While this is not a book about trading I still highly recommend it for those looking to do this full time.

Trade Like a Casino by Richard L. Weissman
A detailed look at the common characteristics found in most successful traders. If you’re looking to make the most of your time in today’s markets, you need to understand what separates the best from the rest. And with Trade Like a Casino, you’ll gain the knowledge needed to excel at this challenging endeavor.

Fibonacci Trading: How to Master the Time and Price Advantage by Carolyn Boroden
In this groundbreaking guide, noted technical trading advisor Carolyn Boroden shows you how Fibonacci pattern studies can be used as an extremely effective method for achieving greater profitability in stocks, futures, and Forex markets.

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