Thursday , 27 April 2017
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Trading Mistakes

I find myself getting into trades just because I tell myself “I can afford to be wrong” not because it’s an optimal entry point. A lot of this comes from being bored and forcing trades, and If you subconsciously or consciously tell yourself “I can afford to lose this much” then the market will most certainly take it from you and say “thanks come again.” You have to tell yourself that you can’t afford to lose a dime, you need to enter each trade expecting to win because you are entering at an optimal entry point. On a side note just because you are sitting at your desk doesn’t mean there’s a trade happening that you can take full advantage of. At the end of the day you are in the markets to make money, not to relieve boredom, so wait for those optimal trades and don’t count the cost. Don’t say, “I can afford to lose this amount, so I will enter here and see what happens, and if I get stopped out then oh well.” That’s a shitty way to trade.

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